Monday, December 31, 2012


Wit: This is all you fault!

Love: Oh yeah, now you are blaming me for everything, you were the one who encouraged her to admit my existence.

Wit: I was merely helping her to find Happiness. I thought you’ll make Happiness stay. That was what I heard about you.

Happiness: Someone says my name?

Love: Damn you smug. Where have you been, I thought you were dead or something, I always like you more than Sadness but too bad you are always missing. See how things turned out when you keep going away.

Happiness: If I’m always around, people won’t appreciate me. Plus I need a break too sometimes.

Love: You’re taking too long, now it’s too late. I don’t see where you fit in anymore  her life is a total disaster. And by the way Wit, I did make her happy, right Happiness? I made you stay around for eight hundred and forty eight days minus the days when Infidelity crept in but you did hang around didn't you Happiness?

Happiness: Well, I guess I did. By the way guys, I am on a holiday, and this talk does not interest me. And Love, mind if I remind you, we never had an agreement that I should always hang around. I’ll come by when it’s convenient. Take care, guys!

Wit: Hey you moron! Urgh, how arrogant! And you Love, you made her a fool. I bet Happiness would come around with or without you.

Love: Oh yeah, so tell me, was it lack of love or lack of wit that makes a person foolish? You should stop pointing finger at me and admit that you were not doing your job. Perhaps you had been sleeping all this while. Slackers!

Wit: How dare you call me slackers?! I was right about you, you are not to be trusted. I doubted at first, but seeing how you made her smile and gallant for six unbelievable months, I trusted you Love. Then in August, you broke my trust, but the thing you did in December, you know, you made her wildest dream came true, which was something I couldn't do. I gave you another chance. But here you are again, hurting her like never before. I shouldn't have trusted you ever nor should I give you any chance.

Love: I’m sorry it turned out this way. I was strong but not always.

Wit: I think you should leave her alone. I would have to take control of her without your interference.

Love: I’m afraid I can’t.

Wit: What?

Love: Don’t you know Wit? Our species are worse than a curse, once we get a hold on someone’s heart. We could never leave, unless the person herself leaves this world.

Wit: Have some mercy Love. You can’t wait until she’s dead. Although I do not know how much time is left for her in this world, but I can’t let her sink deeper than the state she’s in now. She is already at her worst. And please take both good friends of yours along, Pain and Sadness. You guys can’t do this to her.

Love: It is not that I want to do it. Once a person admits my existence, I exist forever. I know that I am not helping her at this moment, but who knows what tomorrow might bring…

Wit: Woe! Stop that nonsense! I know where you are getting at… Don’t you dare bringing up Hope into our talk. I loathe him more than anything else in this world.

Love: Why are you so bitter with Hope, you guys should talk less about facts and you know… just make peace. And Wit, I think there is something you don’t understand…

Wit: I'm Wit and I understand everything. Only, I should have trusted myself not you. And don’t you dare to defend Hope. He has an equal share of this problem and whereabouts is he now when we need him the most? Disappeared like ghost!

Love: Okay okay, no more Hope but here’s the thing; you don’t understand me and I don’t blame you. Now listen. I am not my whole self. We were made in halves; you are talking to only half of me.

Wit: So where’s the other half?

Love: He’s dead. When I am not a whole, the parts where we used to connect turns edgy and there is where Pain and Sadness dwell. They are both cancerous, and they’ll hurt her mercilessly and I can’t stop them or do anything because I'm not whole and I don’t have any power as a half.

Wit: So your other half was with the other person? How can you be so sure he’s dead?

Love: I can feel it.

Wit: Urgh, you and your feeling, for God’s sake for once, can’t you just think?

Love: If I were made to think, I would've been called Wit. I think that’s your job.

Wit: Your sarcasm is not helping the situation. But wait. Didn't you just say that you other half died? So you can’t leave but you can… you know… die…

Love: So you’re expecting me to kill myself? Haha…

Wit: I know it’s too much to ask but…

Love: No, we can’t commit suicide. Not that I don’t want to, I really wish I could, I don’t see a reason for my existence but we were not made with the ability to put an end to our life.

Wit: How did he die then, your other half?

Love: He was murdered.

Wit: What? Well, that’s not unusual actually. Some of my comrades where murdered by Stupidity. Oh wait, did Stupidity murder him too? I thought you were at peace with Stupidity, rumour has it that he is trying to get close to you. That’s creepy you know.

Love: It wasn't him for God’s sake. Why can’t people see it that I've got nothing to do with Stupidity. Anyways, it was Fear that murdered my other half.

Wit: Oh! Well that’s scary…But if I talk to Fear and ask him do kill you, you reckon he would do it?

Love: What?! I thought you were… you know, witty. Haven’t you heard about it? You don’t simply goad Fear into killing someone; he’ll only do it on his own accord. And for your information, he tried to kill me several times before. But I'm afraid I'm such a strong opponent. I curse myself for being alive. But I couldn't help fighting back. Yes my other half was weak, but I am strong and I don’t know why. Not like I take steroids or anything. I do wish myself dead in all our previous battles, as you can see; I'm alive without a reason to live.

Wit: Ouh. I'm sorry about that.

Love: There were however some odd cases in the past, told by my ancestors that the other half were resurrected.

Wit: That sounds like a myth but do you believe in it?

Love: I don’t know. Do you think someone who doesn't fight to live deserved to be given another life. Such was my other half. I'm not convinced of those stories, but I do wish they were real and would by any chance happen again.

Wit: Nah! I won’t believe something as ridiculous as that. This talk is going nowhere, we haven’t got a solution.

Love: There is no solution. I will continue to exist and along with me is Sadness and Pain. She would have to deal with us for the rest of her life.

Wit: That’s unfair. Oh God, I’m at my end. I don’t know what to propose anymore.

Love: Nobody says I was fair.

Wit: I wish you death.

Love: Thank you, I wish the same for myself. 

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