Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lache La Femme

Me, in loving memory. *lol*

Let's just be bold and honest.
Women got paid less in this industry and we have to work twice as hard. To do the work and to prove that we are worthy of the task and the consequences. We struggle to stand up to accusation that when we made a mistake, it is due to us being human, not because we carry womb in our stomach resulting in the reduction of our brain capability in handling big tasks. Men make the same mistakes that we do, thus, we deserve the chances as much as they do.

Queen Elizabeth never married.

We are, God-made emotional creatures. but that comes in a package, He made us excellent in multi-tasking. Don't worry about our emotion, whatever emotional turmoil befalls us, we'll get the work done. 

There's a beginning to everything in this world. The first moment, the earliest experience in life of doing something major can be nerve wrecking to just anyone, men or women, young or old. To a young and inexperienced woman, she might need to use up every bit of her cell to fake a confident. We are aware of the norm that men don't normally have a high opinion of us, but we ain't giving up to that. 

"I am young, but I am willing to learn, and I mean to devote my life to the service of my country and my people. I look for your help in this. I know I shall not be disappointed. Thank you"
-Queen Victoria

*Feminist hat's on*

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