Saturday, July 28, 2012

The H Sickness

Assalamualaikum readers,
It's the eighth day of Ramadhan today, how is everyone so far. I wish you all a blessing month and most of all I wish Allah make it light for our body to maximize our ibadah as our heart remains straight on the intention to please Him.

My dear readers,
How does that feel if you were accused for a crime you did not commit? Will you be mad for the wrong claim made against you? how about vice versa? as in... if you were assumed to be a very good (or should I say pious) person when you know at the very deep of your heart, that you struggle to become that very person, and your are just not there yet?

Would you stand adamant for false flattering comments? or would you say thank you and act accordingly? What is the benchmark of hypocrisy?

I sometimes choose to say thank you in respect to other's opinion especially the people I've just met. But it often leaves me with a never ending guilt. It ain't their fault. but it scares me.

The only solution I could figure out is, I just need to become a better person, so the next time someone makes a good claim about me, it won't be a lie. inshaAllah

May Allah save me and us all from hypocrisy. Amen.

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