Saturday, July 5, 2008


Never look back is what they said... But to me, to look back is not to forget... All the good and bad things of yesterday are lessons, all the good and bad things of tomorrows are obstacles... so, watch out, think carefully and be optimistic..the most important is to always seek His refuge and forgiveness..And remember, silence is better than saying bad things..but being hated in this dunya is not worst than being hated by Lord.. keep moving forward, i might lose some friends or things that i love along the way.. but in the end of this very road...ill get what i want, insyaAllah... to my friends out there..with or without reasons, i just want to say im sorry...and please accept my apology as i know not when will i breath my last.. i might have done terrible things to u, i might have said terrible words to u, i migth have complained on things i wouldn't be able to do any better... i might have condemed ur favourite shirts, songs, tv shows, food, attitude etc...while mine are worst... i might have looked down on u when u r indeed taller than me.. i might have teased u when u r indeed doing a good job..i might have hurt u.. i might have hated u.. whatever it sorry... sometimes i didnt mean it..sometimes i mean it... but if i'm wrong, my apology..but if i'm right..i still want to ask for ur forgiveness as i dont do it the right way, the way that it'll hurt nobody...whatever it is... im so sorry..May my Lord forgive me as well....

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